Day 87 – No Snow Here!

From reports on Twitter, Scotland is grinding to a halt due to snow. Being of hardy Cairngorm stock, I tend to take my sassenach friends’ tales of snow with a pince of salt. The media are, of course, useless when it comes to snow, defaulting to a bizarre “shocked and awed” response to an annual event.

Still, not my problem, because today is a stunning day in Brussels.

Day 11 – So Big…

The pictures I posted of the outside of the parliament make it look big, but I think it’s easy to underestimate just how big the European Union as a whole is.

The Hemicycle in Brussels helps to illustrate it.

That room provides seating for the 736 MEPs with room for the secetariate, staff and representatives from the EU Commission and the Council.

Combined, Council, Council of Minsters, the Commission, the Parliament, the Court of Justice and the Central Bank employ in the region of 60,000 people across Europe.

Together they work for the benefit of the 27 member states, 4 candidate states, 3 applicant states, several overseas territories and half a billion European Citizens.

Some people might say it’s unaccountable, but amazingly 80% of the EU budget is distributed by member states, not the central institutions.

The EU works for all of us.

Tropicana Americana

Topicana Americana

The Tropicana Hotel and Casino, on the Las Vegas Strip.
The image has been cropped, leveled and had the vibrancy and saturation tweaked. It still needs to have the lamppost in the top and possible the whispy cloud cloned out when I have the patience to do it.
The vibrant result and bold colours gives it a very American look to me, which I’m really happy with. Might try experiment with some of my Stirling photos and see what they turn out like when I use the same process.