Day 61 – Eine Scot Aus Berlin

Apologies for the silence over the last few weeks. For the week after conference, I was in Aberdeenshire and Edinburgh dealing with personal manners. While some of these may even go so far as to be slightly gossip worthy, they didn’t seem like they needed blogged about at the time.

As far as the conference itself goes, it was extremely enjoyable. Unfortunately the construction of Perth Concert Hall is not conductive to the use of phones. There was also a distinct lack of wifi in the building. These factors meant my plans for frequent blogging were put to one side. Over the next week, I do intend to back-date some posts, with pictures, regarding the events of the conference.

I only got back to Brussels last Tuesday (thanks to the strange operating days of Ryanair’s Edinburgh-Brussels route), so I’m not quite back into the swing of things yet. This isn’t helped by the public holiday on All-Saint’s and All-Soul’s Days, which means that the Parliament building has been closed for the last two days.

Rather then loafing around Brussels, I took the opportunity to visit Berlin.

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