Day 42 – Being Part of Better

The SNP Conference opens in Perth today. I’m back in Scotland to attend as a delegate, so I’ll be commuting from Edinburgh to Perth over the next four days to represent the views of Edinburgh (Central) Branch (and it’s excellent candidate Marco), as well as catching up with various friends in the party.

I will be taking photos and doing some blogging from the conference and it’s fringes. Hopefully it’ll be of some interest.

For anyone not able to attend, the party has already launched the website for it’s 2011 campaign. I can’t say the 2011 slogan completely grabs me, not least because it doesn’t scan terribly well, but then if I had it my way we’d be using “It’s Scotland’s energy” and focusing on fiscal issues. There are good reasons why I’m just a lowly activist and intern of course, and this may well be one of them.

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