Day 14 – A Near Miss With A Motorcade

To my mind, trying to cross a road in Brussels at the best of time involves taking your life in your hands thanks to speedy drivers and twisting streets. When the Council meets here, it gets worse.

Council consists of the 27 EU heads of government, plus various high level observers from the candidate states. Obviously, having so many VIPs in one building in the centre of Brussels presents a possible target for terrorists and protestors. To prevent such incidents, a number of streets are closed to all traffic, buses are diverted and the Belgian police escort the heads of state around in fancy motorcades.

The thing about motorcades is they they don’t stop for traffic lights, and from the speed the one I encountered crossing, they aren’t too fussed about mowing down the locals. I’d hate to have one try to overtake me if I was on a bike.

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