Day 12 – Alyn Makes A Movie

What exactly it is that MEPs get up to doesn’t seem to be widely known by the general public. Which is a bit daft really, because by and large they do a lot of interesting work which goes unnoticed. This is particularly true in Scotland, where there are many who benefit from Agriculture and Fishery payments which MEPs have toiled over long after the heads of state have gone home.

This is pretty much why Alyn is making a DVD about what exactly MEPs do. Questioning him in the DVD is the presenter Lesley Riddoch, who I know best for the now defunct Lesley Riddoch Show, a lunchtime current affairs programme on Radio Scotland.

It was extremely interesting seeing the sort of work that goes into making a documentary, with Charlie (the camera man on the left in the photo) poking and prodding Alyn and Lesley so he could get the best shots. It was amusing seeing Alyn doing the same spiel in five or six different positions. I can’t wait to play spot-the-cut when Alyn gets a copy of the finished production.

I found the whole day quite tiring and I was only carrying equipment and acting as a guide, so I’ve no idea how Lesley and Charlie must have felt by the time they got back to Scotland via Amsterdam, or how Alyn felt by the time he got back to Edinburgh. It was quite educational though, not because I didn’t know what MEPs do, but because I got to spend some time in bits of the Parliament I don’t have much of an excuse to visit (like the Hemicycle and the main committee rooms), meet interesting people (such as Tatjana Zdanoka MEP, a former member of Lativa’s Supreme Soviet and a human rights campaigner or Donald MacInnes, the charming Islander in charge of the Scottish Government offices in Brussesl) and learn a few interesting stories about the Parliament.

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