Day 10 – Closed On Sundays

With my family connections to the Western Isles, I’ve always been rather in favour of the of the long standing Sabbath observance on the islands. Not that I observe the Sabbath, being an atheist, but I like the idea of having a day set aside for relaxation and contemplation.

Belgium, like the Western Islands, is quite a devout area. Unlike the Western Island, Belgium is predominately Catholic, although as with the Netherlands and Germany, there is also a Lutheran and Protestant tradition.

I like the idea if Sunday closures a lot less when it’s something I have to deal with for the next three months rather then during an island visit or while I’m waiting for the (recently introduced) Sunday ferries.

Coupled with the fact that supermarkets and grocers tend to close around 8pm (the time which I often get home at) here, it means that meals at the weekend take a degree if forward planning which I’m not quite used to.

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