Day 8 – Thank Frack It’s Friday

Friday was the first day I was in Brussels where I wasn’t woken up at 5:30 by the local bin men. It was rather nice waking up at a reasonable time. The night’s sleep in the giant bunk bed wasn’t bad and I managed to get out of it without falling down the ladder. So far, so good. Let’s just hope I can manage to avoid falling if and when I wake up with a hangover.

Despite the uninterrupted night’s sleep, I was knackered in work. While I have done shift-work in bars and nine-to-five shifts doing manual labour, this was the first week I’ve ever worked seven hour days in an office (even if I took a few hours off on Wednesday and Thursday to sort the flat out). Given that most my friends are students or do lab-work or field-work in addition to office work, it hadn’t been conveyed to me just how exhausting office work could be.

Hopefully, next week I’ll be less exhausted as my body gets used to changed requirements. Hopefully I’ll also manage to eat better, because over the past five days, I’ve been eating like a horse. On Monday I managed to eat a pretty large lunch in the Parliament Canteen and a two course meal Indian meal for dinner. Most other evenings this week, I’ve been starving despite having a big main course and a side salad at the Parliament and been ravenous by dinner time.

All in all, things seem to be going well. I think I’ve got a good work-vibe on the go and the office banter seems pretty good. Next week will be a change in pace, with some of the other staff away on holiday, Alyn in Brussels and the Parliament committees taking place in Brussels. Let’s hope it goes as well as the first week…

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