Day 7 – Moving

I’ve done far too much moving in the past year. First from Bruntsfield to Leith and now from Leith all the way to Etterbeck, one of the municipalities of Brussels. Despite being on a large junction and near a school and a large supermarket, the area is quite quiet.

There are also lots of shops around, although I still haven’t quite managed to get myself a pillow. Instead I’m using a second duvet wrapped into a cylinder. Luckily, the Brussels Ikea has Sunday opening in the 12th, so I think I’ll take the Metro out there and buy some bits and pieces.

The flat has it’s oddities – for example, the oven doesn’t actually open because the doorframe around the kitchen area prevents it from opening. I’m also not convinced by the adult sized bunk-bed. They seem to be pretty common in cheap accommodation in Brussels, probably due to the common combination of high ceilings and little floorspace, but it just doesn’t seem right to be sleeping 6 feet off the floor. I’m also terrified that I’ll drop my phone out of it. Still, despite the hight and lack of oven, the place is comfortable enough and apparently pretty decent by the low end of Brussels flat prices.

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