Day 6 – Buying Stuff

Today I leased a flat and bought an Aloe Vera plant. These two things are related: on the route to and from my flat is a very nice little plant shop with very reasonably priced plants. If it wasn’t unreasonably hard to transport plants, I’d probably end up buying several. As is, I think I’ll have to content myself with buying a spider plant, lavender or another aloe vera.

Despite comments I made on Twitter a few nights ago, it’s not a bad flat. Small, awkward and possibly not as secure as I’d like it, but the view is fantastic and I’m sure I can cope with the annoyance that is the raised bed. Hopefully I’ll manage to avoid falling out of it and breaking my neck.

Things at Parliament are getting very interesting now the workload is ramping up. I’ve got to remember that I’ve got some Uni stuff still to finish off before next month and not just sit at home thinking about the projects I’ve been working on during the day, even if they are far more interesting. Sadly, I can’t really talk about anything I am working on due to confidentiality agreements, but next week I’m planning to attend a few workshops which I will be able to talk about.

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