Day 5 – Need More Caffine

Through my entire University career, I’ve abhorred coffee, other then the occasional expresso after the sort of dinner then involved a different drink with each course (and at last count, there were only four such occasions). Tea, I drank much more of, but generally in the afore mentioned T’chai Ovna.

In Europe though, coffee takes on almost a ritual quality, to the extent that it’s near impossible to find a decent cup of tea (well brewed, no mik, no suger, left to cool for five minutes or so) in the Parliament. This saddens me, particuarly when I start to flag between breakfast and lunch and between lunch and home time.

For now, I’m reliant on the poor substitute that is Lipton’s Ice Tea. Soon, though, I must procure a teapot, for while I abhor the ‘British’ label, I do love my tea.

NB: No photos today because it was grey and rainy. Maybe tomorrow!

4 thoughts on “Day 5 – Need More Caffine”

  1. The pedant in me feels the need to point out that it’s espresso not expresso.

    Also, coffee is awesome! Learn to love it! Embrace the European way of life!


  2. Coffee tastes like someones took some decent tea, burned it and then ran some hot mucky water over it.

    In saying that I am developing an addiction based on it’s caffeine content now that I’m trying to stay away from soft drinks 😦


    1. I can appreciate that the espresso made by the machine in the Parliament shop is utter rubbish, but that’s as far as my appreciation of coffee goes.

      I can’t see myself ever enjoying it in the way Em does.


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