Day 3 – Quiet Photo Sunday

I like to think I come from lots of different bits of Scotland, including Lewis, where the Sabbath is still observed. Now, I’m not a believer, but I do think it’s nice to keep Sunday as a day of rest, so today, I walked around Brussels, took some pictures, read a book and didn’t do much else.

Here’s a few of the pictures:

2 thoughts on “Day 3 – Quiet Photo Sunday”

  1. Is that last photo near the awesome posh chocolate shop? Or somewhere else entirely? Mind you, everything is near a chocolate shop in Brussels…. xxx


    1. It is near the chocolate shop. In fact, the bar I was sitting in when I took that is beside the shop we bought chocolates from, bar a road in-between. I can facebook you the name in case you want to find it or order some stuff online.

      Also nearby is a very posh Merc showroom which we both gawked at, the shop where you bought the wooden flute and the Musical Instrument Museum. If you check my flickr page over the next few days, I’ll mark the pictures on the map to give better context, but I was too tired/nervous tonight, given I start at 10AM CEST tomorrow.


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