Day 0 – Too Much Beer, Not Enough Sleep

Disappointedly, my journey from Edinburgh to Brussels was uneventful. The bus to the airport was very quick and comfortable, I got through security without my suspicious packages of loose-leaf tea being inspected and the flight was quick and pleasant. I through recommend flying out of Edinburgh airport at some point since the view of the Forth and it’s bridges from above is absolutely spectacular. It, and the patchwork landscape of the Lothians, studded with windfarms and villages, reminded me just how much I love my native country.

I encountered one problem at the airport station: the lack of French signage. Despite the fact that I can read some Flemish, I was still taken aback, since I’ve only been practising my French. Despite my weary confusion, I managed to find the right platform and train to take me to, the stunning art nouveau-style Bruxelles-Central Station. From there, it was a five minute walk to my rather nice hotel.

After checking my email and housing adverts, I took a short nap and went for a walk to the Grand Place in the hope of finding some beer and dinner. Alas, I had forgotten to take account of the strength of Belgian beers, in particular the amazing Rochefort 10. Possibly not the best example to be setting on the day the Scottish Government announced the 45p minimum unit pricing, but c’est la vie. Coupled with lack of sleep the previous night and a day of travelling, I thought I had best return to the hotel.

Which was easier said then done. I only got slightly lost, having to eventually get a taxi back to the hotel.

Still, if I get lost on my first day in the city, it gets it out of the way quickly and enabled me to discover a rather bizarre piece of art.

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