Day -1: The Last Few Things…

Well, some time before 9AM tomorrow morning, I’ll be grabbing a taxi up to Waverley Bridge, then the excellent Lothian Buses Airlink to Edinburgh Airport. Now, I have to admit, that if the Edinburgh trams had been completed by now, I’d likely be wrestling my over-size former rig-worker bag on to them instead, simply out of connivence, since I live just off Leith Walk. Of course, since the report on the completion costs of the trams doesn’t come out for another few months, I’ll just have to content myself with the plush leather seats, free wifi and spacious tables on service 100 (all for the princely sum of £3).

I’m pretty much ready to go: my bag and rucksack are packed which just leaves my satchel briefcase laptop bag and my tooth-brush, I’ve got a decent hotel booked in the European Quarter of Brussels and enough Euros in cash to keep me going for several days. On Friday, I’m going to spend the day flat-hunting, and I’m hoping to spend Saturday and Sunday doing some sightseeing and work before I get to start on Monday.

Today, I has a rather nice send off. I went to see The Illusionist with a friend. This animated film manages to really capture the magical qualities of Edinburgh. It was lovely to see the city portrayed so well. The story was also fantastic and the juxtaposition of French and Gaelic in the film really added to the characterisation.

Wish me luck…

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