What’s In A Pound-o-Dice?

The Chessex Pound-o-Dice seems to be quite common in the States, judging from posts on the RPG Bloggers network. In Europe, it’s a significantly rarer creature, with few retailers stocking them. Some games shops don’t even stock brand name dice such as Chessex, and there is little chance of seeing brands such as Gamescience over here unless you order them from America.

That said, eBay makes the world a smaller place and I have a Pound-o-Dice just three days after ordering it, thanks to a UK based importer. At £17 for 90 odd dice, it’s pretty good value for money as well.

So, what did I get in my Pound-o-Dice?

  • 14 d4s
  • 11 d6s with numerals
  • 26 d6s with spots
  • 7 mini d6s
  • 6 d8s
  • 4 d12s
  • 30 d10s
  • 5 d%
  • 11 d20s

Since the two games I’m playing just now use d6s and d10s, this is particularly useful since I can retire dice which cause me grief much more easily. A few dice are clearly damaged, in particular, the d4s with have strange paint streaks on them and one of the d20s, which has broken points, with the rest of the dice in perfect condition.

I’d certainly consider buying another Pound-o-Dice, but given I now have in the region of 175 dice, I’m not sure I’ll need to buy any more any time soon.

6 thoughts on “What’s In A Pound-o-Dice?”

    1. I agree about d4s. Last time I used one was during character creation for Sam’s camapign, which would be maybe a year and a hake ago…

      D12s have their place though – they’re useful for direction and time of day. I think I had one as a hit dice in Castles and Crusades as well.


  1. That many d4 are a godsend!

    Your coming home from a late night gaming session and you notice a suspected mugger following you. You grab your d4’s and launch them on the ground behind you and run. Instant caltrops 😉


    1. I think one does need allot of D4’s. at least in my group because they always go missing. I would rather more D12 than D6 because I only play 1 game that only uses D6 (burning wheel)


  2. The Pound-o-Dice is a common convention sale from Chessex they show up at a lot of conventions here, or at least here in San Fransico Bay Area as Chessex was headquartered here. They have a large tub of dice where they allow gamers to buy by the pound for the cheapest price or pick through for a higher price. I am kinda surprised they haven’t started it on the European convention circuit As Don, one of the founders is over there running their operations.

    And Yes d4s are common in the tub as many people avoid them in the tub.

    One of my convention habits is to buy new dice and add them to the bottom of my Game box as some one in my house eats dice and it is not me.


    1. There are very few conventions in the UK with the sorts of trade coverage that the cons in America have. There are also few conventions of the same size as in the States. The two Scottish conventions, for example, attract a few hundred people over two days each, with many games attending both.


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