What’s In A Pound-o-Dice?

The Chessex Pound-o-Dice seems to be quite common in the States, judging from posts on the RPG Bloggers network. In Europe, it’s a significantly rarer creature, with few retailers stocking them. Some games shops don’t even stock brand name dice such as Chessex, and there is little chance of seeing brands such as Gamescience over here unless you order them from America.

That said, eBay makes the world a smaller place and I have a Pound-o-Dice just three days after ordering it, thanks to a UK based importer. At £17 for 90 odd dice, it’s pretty good value for money as well.

So, what did I get in my Pound-o-Dice?

  • 14 d4s
  • 11 d6s with numerals
  • 26 d6s with spots
  • 7 mini d6s
  • 6 d8s
  • 4 d12s
  • 30 d10s
  • 5 d%
  • 11 d20s

Since the two games I’m playing just now use d6s and d10s, this is particularly useful since I can retire dice which cause me grief much more easily. A few dice are clearly damaged, in particular, the d4s with have strange paint streaks on them and one of the d20s, which has broken points, with the rest of the dice in perfect condition.

I’d certainly consider buying another Pound-o-Dice, but given I now have in the region of 175 dice, I’m not sure I’ll need to buy any more any time soon.