First Bread-making Attempt

I haven’t posted about cooking in a while. That’s largely because I haven’t been making much of interest, and those few things that I have been making which are interesting haven’t turned out as well as I’d like, so I don’t really want to post about them.

I am rather proud of this though:


My first homemade loaf. It was surprisingly little work to make it as well. Less then twenty minutes of effort, which is about as quick as going to the shops for a loaf. Bloody tasty as well.

Third Kit’s The Charm

I previously posted about how I messed up a model kit. Well, the second one I attempted didn’t fare so well either – again, the sides were on upside down.

The third kit, an LNER Fruit Van, went nearly perfectly.

LNER Fruit Van

I say “nearly perfectly”, but while there are no glaring errors in my work there are a few: a gluey finger print on one side, damaged detail on part of the undercarriage due to too much glue and the roof hasn’t been glued in place yet (due to requiring a a very fine drill).

Next comes two things – building another 5 similar kits which I bought at Model Rail Scotland and learning to paint to them…