Tinkering With A Small Layout

Working On The Railway

Oh dear. It looks like I’ve finally taken the first steps on actually building something which I can run my trains on.

How horrifically geeky of me.

It’s not terribly big and it’s not progressed very far, but it’s a start and it’s taken me more then two years to actually get to this point. For reference, this point is having cork glued to the baseboard (to dampen the noise made by the trains) and nailing the track down.

The track will be coming back up when I’m next at my Mum’s (there isn’t room for it in my current accommodation). This will let me put down ballast, which will makes the track look a bit more realistic. I would have done that this weekend, but I don’t have enough of the granite chips to do the whole thing.

After that’s done, the board needs to be painted in a neutral colour and I need to build some some landscape, because there are very few parts of Scotland which are as flat as a billiard table. Then, it’ll start looking a bit more like what it is – a siding off a branch line to allow coal to be dropped off for local merchants.

In the meantime, I’ll probably be building a few scenic items and kit models. I’m particularly taken with the idea of having a patched up carriage body sitting around for use as a store, or possibly accommodation for the local tramp.

For reference, the setting is somewhere in the North-East of Scotland, between 1930 and 1960. That allows me to use vans and trains suitable for the LNER or British Railways, including some of the early diesel trains. Sadly, it’s not big enough for me to play with things like this or this, but it’s not the end of the world.

2 thoughts on “Tinkering With A Small Layout”

  1. I’ve been looking into building a layout for the kids but the cost of the track and scenery never mind the actual train and rolling stock is putting it out of our price range.

    F has at least one train at his Grannys and I’ve got my old ones at my parents but none of them suit a small layout. Theres only so many times a passenger train can go around an oval before the kids get board and the engines are to long for any sort of station layout we could make.
    .-= Bob´s last blog ..“I Can’t Believe You’ve Broke Your Foot” =-.


    1. If you ever need track, I’m sure I can provide some. I’ve got stuff left that I’m probably never going to use again. Needs a bit of a clean and new connectors though.

      The models are damned expensive though. Hornby are doing a bit about that with their budget Railroad range, but it seems to be far more of a grown-up’s hobby then it was ten years ago. Even plastic kit wagons as nearly as much as a factory made one.

      Worth keeping the hobby in mind though – it could always give you something to do in the future 😉


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