It’s How I Roll

DiceI roll badly.

I don’t mean that I end up sending my dice all over the floor every few minutes (although I’ve been known to do that to my dicepool after a few beers). I just roll consistently poorly.

My incompetent assassin and ‘Combine-Harvester Repairman’ Tech-Priest in Dark Heresy became running jokes. They averaged just one successful check per session until I eventually got my Tech-Priest up to 70% chance of success in Tech-Use (in Dark Heresy, that’s a god-like success rate).

In Castles and Crusades, I’ve been similarly blighted. My Ranger at least managed to hit targets, but often for just one or two damage. He was a bit of a sod anyway – I think failing rolls kind of suited him. On the other hand, the day that I played a friend’s Illusionist, it was a case of success after success – in one area, he melee’d the combat area clear after a Fighter, a Knight, a Rogue, my Ranger and a Priest had all failed to hit the enemy. Unfortunately, he immediately went on to accidentally blind the Rogue when we went up against the Necromancer in the next chamber, but the Rogue deserved it.

Most recently, I utterly confounded my GM while playing an indie Superhero game. According to the rules, my success rate should have been about 75%. It was actually about 30%.

I’m not a big believer in luck, dice superstition or any other form of supernatural. I just roll badly. Who knows why…

6 thoughts on “It’s How I Roll”

  1. Thats cheap you reused the image from your title bar…

    And you don’t roll as bad as some.

    It could be your dice are just made that way, or I find that we notice the times we roll badly more than we do the times we roll well.

    I knew somone who could generate a D&D character with 3-4 18s it was crazy, dunno how he did it.
    .-= Omar´s last blog ..Visuwords: Cool graphical dictionary =-.


    1. I know, but given it took me an hour to come out with two or three similar shots that I actually liked, I wasn’t going to do it again for one post – I’ve got things to do today you know :p

      Yeah, I know there are worse. I’ve only made a botch roll once that I can recall. I just roll on the low side of average really.


  2. Given a large sample over time and fair dice, everyone rolls average. It’s just psychological nature to notice and lump the bad over the good. Good rolls are our “expected” result. We expect to hit, roll decent damage, pass a skill check. The bad tends to stand out and it’s easy to create a pattern where none really exists.


  3. I feel your pain. My high school group was so convinced I was cursed that I wasn’t allowed to touch anyone else’s dice. I recounted that story recently to my new DM, after he commented that the dice don’t seem to like me. (In an online game, no less.) Luck or not, it’s part of my gaming persona, and it does get me thinking about ways to remove the dice entirely from my plans, so that’s a good thing.
    .-= Oddysey´s last blog ..Dungeon Soap Operas are the Best Kind of Soap Operas =-.


    1. While I also sympathise with you, it’s good to know I’m not the only one with this (possible) problem 😉

      On the upside, at least you seem to be spending a lot of the time on the other side of the DM screen – where you can always indulge in a bit of fudging 😉


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