Moving Annoyance – Which Books and Where To Put Them?

Del Lib ScreenshotI own 577 books. I know this because I use the excellent Delicious Library to keep track of books I’ve loaned to people.

Moving from a two bedroom flat in which every room has a 6 foot tall bookcase into a single room means that less than a quarter of these books can actually accompany me. The result of this is much debate as I go through my collect and decide what I can’t live without.

The bulk of the books I’ve taken with me are related to my degree in some way – politics biographies, political philosophy treatises, textbooks, Greek and Roman classics, commentaries and so on. Some are distantly related, but useful – history books covering Europe, Scotland, Britain and Germany through various key stages for example.

All this has left only two shelves for my fiction collection.

What I judge to be essential enough to me to fill this space probably says a lot about me. It includes a whole swathe of dystopian fiction – 1984, Brave New World, We, Fahrenheit 451, Gormenghast, Live at Golgotha and Catch-22; the essential Tolkien works; my favourite Iain M Banks’ books – Use of Weapons and Excessions; a few modern classics – How To Kill A Mockingbird, The City and The Pillar. The books I’ve been strictest with are Terry Pratchett and my massive collection of sci-fi books – I haven’t taken a single Pratchett and the only sci-fi novel I’m taking other than Banks is Asimov’s Foundation.

On top of these, there are about 50 books which were occupying my To Be Read stack – previously a monstrous collection consisting of four piles spread around every flat surface in my bedroom.

I have absolutely no idea where I’m going to fit all these books. Not least given that I’ll have to buy more books for Uni in the near future. It’s a hard life being a book-geek.

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