Recipe: Rum Steaks

Lets face it, sometimes you just need to combine alcohol and meat in one wonderful dish, and this is such a dish.

Safety Warning: Cooking with spirits at high temperatures does mean you run the risk of alcohol spontaneously combusting as it boils off from the sauce. This is perfectly safe and will only last a few seconds, but if you don’t feel confident dealing with this, then this dish possibly isn’t for you. If you do want to attempt this, then keep a lid for your frying pan on hand, and read up on your fire safety.

Suitable number of beef steaks, about 175g (6oz) each (tenderise as preferred)
Ground Black Pepper (from a pepper-mill, not the pre-ground powder)
Dijon Mustard
2 tablespoons of oil
50g (2oz) Butter
50ml (2fl oz) Dark Rum
1 Beef Stock-cube (dissolved in 4 tablespoons of hot water)
4 tablespoons double cream (or cream substitute)

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You Gotta Roll With It…

You must never question the wisdom of the Die. His ways are inscrutable. He leads you by the hand into an abyss and, lo, it is a fertile plain. You stagger beneath the burden he places upon you and, behold, you soar.

– From ‘The Book of the Die’, Quoted in The Dice Man by Luke Rhinehart

If you are reading this, spend your time playing RPG games and have never read The Dice Man, then I strongly advise you buy or borrow a copy of it.

It deals with that which every gamer seems to treasure above all other RPG paraphernalia and what exactly you can do with them. Although, while gamers generally live or die by the roll of a dice in-game, Rhinehart’s book is a fictional account of a man who decides to live his entire life by the roll of 2d6.

Of course, when we play, we don’t decide all actions though dice rolls – that would lead to a boring game, unless it was done purely for laughs with suitably ridiculous options. The idea has potential, but if all decisions in a game came down to random chance, then you might as well just remove the human element all together and program a random number generator with a plot.

That’s not to say that a player in a mischievous mood couldn’t absolutely infuriate the GM by role-playing a character who uses dice to make decisions.

Has anyone tried this? Or any other form of diced based decision making in or out of games?